Relief For Tattered Tootsies

This express treatment is all about achieving soft feet! In just 30 minutes, our 3 step waterless treatment works to slough, buff and moisturise your feet. Fragranced with Lemongrass; Totally Soaked, Down’n Dirty and Rescue Me products are used to reduce dry, hard skin and rough areas from the very first appointment. Gentle AHAs dissolve dead skin cells which are then removed to provide instant relief for tattered tootsies!

Get Fresh Spa Pedicure

Upping the luxury of our Relief For Tattered Tootsies treatment, our pedicure includes our renowned 3 step protocol but also cuticle work, file and polish. Sit back and relax whilst your feet are massaged, exfoliated and moisturised with our intense range packed full of skin repairing ingredients. Give your feet the complete treat to leave them looking and feeling amazing! Illya was born in russia but has been living in nyc for the past eight years.